New Paths provides programs for offenders from the 67th and 68th District Courts of Genesee County, and felony offenders in Genesee, Ingham, Lapeer, Livingston, Oakland, Sanilac, Shiawassee, Tuscola, and Washtenaw counties.

To qualify for New Paths Corrections (Court sanctioned) residential programs, a person:

  • Must be at least 17 years of age
  • Does not demonstrate an extensive pattern of jail or prison commitments
  • Must not have a recent history of I.V. drug use, or a history of chronic addiction to Schedule 1 or  2 drugs
  • Does not require medical detoxification
  • Does not present a pattern of debilitating mental illness, nor is currently taking medication for  psychosis 
  • Is not currently suicidal, nor has demonstrated a pattern of suicidal behavior
  • Must have a functionable I.Q., and be able to speak and understand the English language at a minimally functional level
  • Has no serious medical problem which would preclude active participation in the program,  including life-threatening diseases
  • Circuit Court charges must have a sentencing guideline of at least 0-9, or, as a probation  violation, at least 0-6. Some felonies where  sentencing guidelines do not apply, such as  Retail Fraud and Third Offense OUIL, are eligible.



The Standard program is for felons who meet the standard admission criteria. This 90 day program is based on the awarding of consequences or privileges according to the individual’s adherence to the rules of the program. Emphasis is on substance abuse therapy, continuing education, employability skills, life skills, and increasing self-control.

Long-term OUIL

The Long-Term OUIL program is a 90 day program for those convicted of OUIL third offense, or those with a history of substance or alcohol abuse not needing inpatient treatment. This three level program includes all of the components of the Standard program, with additional emphasis on substance abuse therapy, A.A. meetings, and MADD Victim Impact Panel attendance.


The Probation Rule Violator program (PRV) is a short-term program for probationers who have violated the terms of their probation supervision plan or conditions of electronic monitoring. The standard length of this program is thirty days, but may be extended or decreased as necessary. Emphasis is on substance abuse therapy, gaining employment, and increasing self-control.

SAI (Boot Camp)

Graduates of the Michigan Department of Corrections “Boot Camps” spend 30 to 90 days at New Paths for aftercare and community reintegration. Emphasis is on finding a suitable home placement for electronic monitoring, gaining employment, and referral to community agencies as needed.


The Friend of the Court program serves as an alternative to incarceration for those who are not meeting the requirements for payment of child support. When an individual is sentenced to jail by a Circuit Court judge, they are held at New Paths until they pay their outstanding obligations or post bond.

Day Reporting

This non-residential component of New Paths provides several services to probationers and parolees. Daily reporting is required, either in person or by telephone, for approximately nine weeks. Community service requirements, substance abuse therapy, and educational requirements as stipulated in the probationer’s sentence commitment are monitored by the D.R.C. staff. Random drug and alcohol screening is conducted on the probationers. Emphasis is on employability skills, decision making, stress management, and substance abuse prevention education.


The ATI Program

Intervention WeekendNew Paths

Intervention Weekend is an intensive educational program for persons convicted of first or second offense drunk driving. The program is designed to educate the individual about the personal, financial, and legal consequences of alcohol abuse. Licensed substance abuse therapists provide intervention and education classes. The cost of the program is $195.00, paid in advance by the participant. Payment options include Money Order, Visa, Mastercard, and Discover Card. To pay with Money Order, the payment can be sent to New Paths attn:Intervention Weekend, 765 East Hamilton Avenue, Flint, MI 48505. Payment with Money Order can also be made in person at the same address. Credit card payments may be made over the phone by calling (810)233-5340, extension 126. Payment plans are available. The payment deadline is set by either the sentencing judge or the probation agent, and is usually due within ninety days of sentencing. The participant must pay the program fee in full in order to be scheduled. After full payment is received, the participant will be scheduled for their session of Intervention Weekend, and will be sent a packet of information. Intervention Weekend is held at New Paths Main facility in Flint.

UrinalysisNew Paths

provides testing for illegal substance use for probationers in Genesee County at the Adult Probation and the Parole offices, and at our residential facility for various agencies.

Drug Court

Drug Court Program

Prisoner Reentry

Emergency housing is provided for Parolees in a structured, 24/7 environment for up to 14 days. For more information on Prisoner Reentry, visit Michigan DOC’s website.


Residency at New Paths is a component of the didactic approach for substance abuse treatment given either as a condition of parole, or as a referral in case of a parole violation.


This program is an element of after care for parolees who have been identified on the basis of substance abuse concerns, and begin participation in RSAT before their release. Program length varies between 30 and 90 days.