Located in Flint, Michigan.

New Paths was established in 1979 to serve as a cost effective alternative for jail or prison bound adults with non-violent offenses.

In 2007, New Paths added programs which were designed specifically for Substance Use Disorder to compliment the needs of our community.

Residents of New Paths residential probation programs must adhere to strict supervision and behavior standards, participate in substance abuse therapy or prevention classes, educational programs, and life-skills groups. Referrals are made to service providers as determined by an intake evaluation and assessment. Work release is permitted at approved work sites, as is participation in job training programs. Organized recreational activities and field trips are planned on a regular basis.

New Paths has established partnerships with a vast array of community agencies which provide resources for the residents. In addition, residents of New Paths have provided thousands of community service hours to local schools, churches, organizations, and service agencies.

 NEW PATHS is a CARF accredited drug treatment program.


Our mission is one of providing individuals an opportunity to change their lives while providing the community with support. We are committed to providing individuals an avenue and the resources to affect real change. We believe that people can change and that, with guidance, individuals can grow. We are willing to provide our consumers with the tools and resources necessary for change. We must help individuals claim ownership of their problems and take charge of identifying and implementing solutions.


The vision of New Paths, Inc. is to be an effective and dynamic force in the treatment of substance use disorders and criminal behavior, and the ultimate loss of life caused by substance abuse, addiction and criminal behavior in our community.

New Paths Main Map
765 East Hamilton Avenue
Flint, Michigan 48505
Telephone:(810) 233-5340

New Paths West Map
931 M.L. King Avenue
Flint, Michigan 48503
Telephone:(810) 233-6463

Sober House Map
765 East Hamilton Avenue
Flint, Michigan 48505
Telephone:(810) 233-5340
Extension 149

Intervention Weekend Map
765 East Hamilton Avenue
Flint, Michigan 48505
Telephone:(810) 233-5340
Extension 120


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